Will Elizabeth Keen and Katarina Rostova become friends in The Blacklist season 7?

There are many questions asked by fans of The Blacklist before the premiere of the new season on October 4th. The program has been kept on Friday evenings, one of the toughest evenings for the TV networks with big competition, meaning that the producers are most likely satisfied with the numbers they got during season 6.

But, after the sixth season ended with Katarina Rostova stabbing Raymond Reddington, there are many unanswered questions. I guess that is the way any season should end, just to keep the attention and the excitement up among fans before the new season.

Is Raymond Reddington dead?

I guess it is obvious that the answer to this question is no. He is the main character, and without Raymond Reddington, aka James Spader, there is no The Blacklist. So, he will not die and he for sure isn’t dead already, lying on a street in Paris after his sweet kiss with Katarina Rostova.

Now, why did Katarina Rostova stab him in the stomach if she really wanted to extort him for information? We have seen this scene in quite a lot of the promos for the upcoming season of The Blacklist, and Katarina tells Raymond to give her the information she wants. Now, why did she need to stab him for this? Couldn’t she just have taken him captive? Well, I guess they needed some drama at the end of season 6, and that was why they decided to make it end in that specific way.

We are promised clearity when it comes to the actual Raymond Reddington and his character. But, we do know that Katarina Rostova is the mother of Elizabeth Keen, so what will happen when they meet? Will they meet at all?

Raymond Reddington is taken captive by Katarina Rostova
Raymond Reddington is taken captive by Katarina Rostova

When Katarina meets Liz

It is obvious that the two persons have to meet. Jon Bokenkamp cannot keep a season running without this happening. It might be that they will make it last some episodes before the actual meet-up takes place, but I am sure it will happen. Will they meet in a shoot-up, meaning they have no time to talk? Will they run into one another and have a feeling that the other person is someone special, but without knowing who they just met face-to-face?

And when they actually meet… will it be a heart-warm welcome, or will it be hatred and action and violence, and no time for sweet phrases?

My guess is that both Katarina and Liz will be excited to meet, but I guess the way Katarina has been treating Raymond before they meet will have a negative influence on it all. But who knows, maybe by the end of The Blacklist season 7 they will all be friends and help the FBI catch bad guys and blacklisters?

How to watch The Blacklist online?

You can watch the brand new episodes of The Blacklist on the NBC website. But, there is a limitation to the amount of episodes you can watch, meaning that this isn’t an ideal solution for most people. But, if you want to know more about how you can access and stream the content on NBC outside the United States, click the link.

Most people prefer watching TV shows on Netflix nowadays. It is convenient, it is easy, there are no ads, and you can binge a lot. Many people have looked for ways to stream The Blacklist season 6 on Netflix, but what’s up with The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix?

Just like the previous season, it will be made available on Netflix between 24-36 hours in certain countries. These are lucky countries, simply because Netflix is the official broadcaster of The Blacklist there. If you find that interesting, find out more about which VPN to use to stream The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix.

Do you look forward to see the reunion of Liz and her mother?

Do you look forward to seeing Liz reunite with her mother? Do you think it will be a peaceful event, or will it be packed with action, tears, serious confrontation and more?

See you all in a few days after the season premiere of The Blacklist on October 4th.

I actually cheer for Faye Richardson in Suits season 9

Faye Richardson is a brand new character in the ninth season of Suits, and I do believe she is one of the most unpopular characters in the series this season. After all, she came out of nothing, and now she has taken charge of the entire company, and she is leading it by the principles and laws she deems to be correct.

To be honest, I don’t consider Faye Richardson to be a bad person after all. According to her own words, her intention is to get the company up and running following the rules, and she is supposed to be around for a long enough time to see that happen. What does that mean? She wants employing people without a university grade something that will never happen again, she fights against fabricating evidence to win cases, and to be honest, I feel as if she has been mostly correct in everything she has done so far inside the office.

Faye Richardson in Suits

What about removing Zane from the wall?

Of course, it also had to be done. Maybe he wasn’t the one who actually committed a crime or did something wrong, but when that is what the public believes, of course his name had to be removed. Anything else would be stupid. So even if Samantha Wheeler, Harvey Specter, and the others knew about the real reason for Robert Zane taking the blame, based on the fact that the public didn’t, his name had to be removed… and game over! I don’t understand why they all went crazy about that. And once again, Faye Richardson was right and did the right thing!

I wonder how this will all end

The ideal thing, would be if Faye Richardson and the partners would get at peace with one another, and thus, Faye could leave and they could keep running the company. But, I have my doubts about that, and maybe it will be the managing partners who will get rid of Faye. But, that wouldn’t be nice at all, because it would really mean that they can keep running the business using illegal and poor methods, instead of living by the law-book and doing things the right way.

So, hopefully, the scriptwriters will manage to bring the story to an end in a good way. I will for sure watch the new episodes quickly after they are released to find out what will happen.

Where do you stream Suits online?

Where are you watching Suits season 9? Are you watching it on USA Network? Or are you downloading it? I am watching Suits season 9 on Netflix, and that is a very good method considering that the new episodes that air in the USA on Wednesdays (Thursday morning in Europe), can be streamed on Netflix already from Friday morning. That means, less than 24 hours of waiting. I can manage to live with that. But, it is nice to spread the word, because lots of people will wait for a year, simply because they do not know that they can actually stream Suits on Netflix already.

Do you consider Faye to be an angel or a devil?

What are your thoughts about Faye Richardson? Is she an angel actually trying to help the company, or is she a devil trying to destroy it? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

How did you like the return of Mike Ross in Suits season 9 episode 5? You can read some thoughts on the matter in this article.

Suits season 9 premiere on USA Network tomorrow

It is July 16th, and it is only one day left before the big premiere of the final season of Suits on USA Network. Not only is July 17th the premiere date for the final season of Suits, it is also the date the most precious person in my life was born. But, I guess you don’t care so much about the love of my life, but instead, you are much more interested in the final season of Suits.

So, on July 17th the season will return to our screens, the final season. But, USA Network is a channel hard to watch for more people, and that is why so many people are looking for a way to stream Suits season 9 on Netflix. Luckily, that can be done quite easily, and the following Suits season 9 streaming guide gives you all the information you need on that topic.

I was really happy here the other week as I noticed that Mike Ross will return for the final season. He will not be in it from the start, but the rumors say that he will join in approximately half-way into the season, and thus help solve the trouble of the company and make sure that we get a happy end to it all.

I just noticed a discussion on Reddit about whether it was good for the series that Rachel Zane and Mike Ross left Suits after the seventh season. It was quite interested to see the general replies in which people agreed on the following:

  • Was it bad for Suits that Rachel Zane left? NO
  • Was it bad for Suits that Mike Ross left? YES

So, even though the love story between Mike and Rachel will remain invisible in the final season of Suits, we will at least get to meet the husband and hear what’s going on with them, and hopefully, see how Mike will be able to help save the company together with Harvey and the rest of the staff.

For even more interesting Suits discussions, make sure to visit the Suits Reddit, a really interesting place and a must site to visit for those in love with the series looking for other people with the same passion and interest.

Amazon Prime Movies Summer 2019

Have you just asked Google for some suggestions on what movies you should watch on Amazon Prime this summer? Or maybe you have asked Bing? I know, not many people ask Bing for help, but recently, I have actually started to get more and more help from Bing. Do you know why?

It is, simply because I use Ecosia, and by default, Ecosia uses Bing as their search provider. You can easily change this in order to make your Ecosia searches happen with Google, but after using Bing for a while with Ecosia, I am starting to getting more and more used to it. And, it is interesting to see that my websites normally perform better in Bing searches than in Google searches, so it feels better to use Bing.

But, what are you going to stream on Amazon Prime this summer?

Take a look at this YouTube video and you will find some suggestions straight away.

If you want to read even more about recommended movies on Amazon Prime this summer, take a look at the following article: http://amazonprime.fromabroad.org/the-15-best-movies-on-amazon-prime-summer-of-2019/

The thumbnail of the video above comes from Under the Silver Lake. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it will arrive to Amazon Prime within a few weeks, and it looks interesting. Not only is it a romantic movie, but it also looks like a kind of a thriller. After a magical evening and night, the boy decides to visit the girl once again. But, when he visits her flat, she is gone with nothing left behind. What has happened? The boy has a feeling something criminal has happened, and he decides to get to the bottom of it. But, how can he find a girl he knows nothing about? That is what Under the Silver Lake is about… I haven’t seen it yet, but I might try to stream it on Amazon Prime this summer!

Check the video to find suggestions and write a comment to let me know what you are going to stream this summer om Amazon Prime!

The first impression matters…

It is quite amazing to see how much a first impression matters, not only when it comes to meeting new people, but also when it comes to movies and TV series.

Have you ever read a description of a TV series, or maybe seen a trailer, only to get discouraged and think that this is something you aren’t interested in at all? I have, and most times I never get the chance to find out if I was smart or not, because I never take the time to watch the show or to stream the movie online. But, there have been times when I decided to watch the content anyway, and one such example is The Handmaid’s Tale.

I read lots of amazing reviews of the show, I watched the trailer, but I still waited for more than 6 months before I ever gave it a try myself. I didn’t want to watch it, I didn’t catch an interest for it, but still… in the end I gave it a try, and I discovered that it was a TV series I really liked! Now I am waiting for The Handmaid’s Tale season 3 to come to Hulu, and it is only a few days away, so it will be great to have it back on the screen!

I was very wrong about The Handmaid's Tale
I was very wrong about The Handmaid’s Tale

Big Little Lies is another TV series that I didn’t want to watch. It looked to brutal to me, but once again, friends convinced me that it was worth watching, and in the end, I gave up (and started to watch it). It didn’t become an immediate favorite of mine. It was way too brutal, and the violence towards women was too much for me. But, I have got to say that it still is a great series, and now I will watch Big Little Lies season 2 on HBO in a few days from now as well.

Game of Thrones is one more example of a TV show I have resisted for many, many years! In fact, I waited until the end of season 8 before I got started with season 1. It might sound crazy, but I never really felt like watching Game of Thrones. I am not sure why, but I just never caught an interest in this show. But, now I am in the middle of season 3, and even though it isn’t my favorite show of all times, I still pay attention to the story with eagerness. It kind of destroyed the fun of it knowing that everyone complained about the way Game of Thrones season 8 ended, but still – I will not give up yet! But, I do have a feeling that I am watching a football matches that I know will end in a bad way, and that isn’t exactly great to know.

What about Gentleman Jack and Summer of Rockets?

I have just published two YouTube videos about the brand new shows Gentleman Jack and Summer of Rockets. These are BBC productions and I have read quite a lot about them and also watch their trailers and a few minutes of each show. Based on what I have seen so far, Gentleman Jack somehow doesn’t interest me at all, while Summer of Rockets has caught my attention, and I do hope that I will be able to stream the full season 1 online in the coming days.

Maybe I am wrong once again, and in the upcoming days I will discover that Summer of Rockets is boring and Gentleman Jack is amazing (if I still decide to spend some time watching a Gentleman Jack episode)?! Well, time will show whether I am right or wrong, but it is incredible to discover how much the first impression of a TV series or a movie will influence the way you think about it and whether you will actually spend time watching it or not.

Not in bed yet, can Arsenal score three goals in a few minutes?

I have learned my lesson, meaning that I will not go to bed too early tonight. I went to bed way too early when it had to do with both the Champions League semi-finals, and I have told myself, that during the Europe League final and the Champions League final I will not do the same mistake again.

After a boring first half in the Europe League final, we have seen a firework of a second half, with the Belgian superman Eden Hazard in a central role. It might be his last match for Chelsea, but if I were the owner of the club or the coach, I would for sure fight hard to keep Hazard in my team… he is a true magician with and without the ball!

With only three minutes left of ordinary time, it is still 4-1 for Chelsea, meaning that it is very little time left for Arsenal to score three goals. They have a great chance a few minutes ago, but they didn’t manage to score, and thus it seems very unlikely that they will be able to score the needed goals in such a short time.

While watching the match, I am also getting prepared for the Cricket World Cup opening match between England and South Africa that will be played in London tomorrow. The match will give the official opening to the cricket world cup, and it will be an amazing event (hopefully).

Only one minute left (after a minute break due to an Eden Hazard injury). Nothing points in the direction of an Arsenal goal (or three), but I am still going to stay up, just to make sure that I do not miss out on any action.

Arsenal is having pressure on Chelsea, but do not manage to create dangerous situations. Only 3 minutes have been added to the ordinary time, and only two of these are left currently.

Congratulations to Chelsea on the win! I am glad I didn’t go to bed during half-time at least, I would have missed out on 5 great goals and a well deserved Chelsea victory!

Getting ready to stream the Cricket World Cup online!

I can’t believe it, but in 8 days from know it is time for the Cricket World Cup kick-off. Millions of fans worldwide are getting ready for the tournament, and the people of England are hoping that their national heroes will end up as the winning team after the final on The Lord’s in London on July 14th. But, to get there they need to perform well in their 9 group stage matches, win their semi-final, and then end up winning the final itself.

But, maybe you wonder like many others how you can stream the Cricket World Cup online? I have written a very thorough guide on how to watch the Cricket World Cup online, so click the link to find out. I can also tell you that the solution is Hotstar Canada, but it can be quite hard to access Canadian Hotstar abroad. But, it is possible, and you can find out how it is done as you watch the YouTube clip beneath.

Visit the PureVPN website, get a discount and get ready to stream.

England is expected to win the opening match against South Africa on May 30th easily. It will be played at the home pitch of Surrey County Cricket Club, and it is located a bit to the south of London. This arena will later be used for several other matches. The English guys will only play one more match in London (two if they get to the final), and the second match during the group stage to be played in London for the team is against Australia on June 25th. That will be one of the most interesting matches of the entire group stage, so I will hopefully have the chance to sit at home in front of my computer to stream this match!

Streaming the Cricket World Cup in Europe

Unfortunately, there will be no big channels on the continent of Europe broadcasting the event. If you take a look at the ten nations competing, the only European team is England. Besides them, there are other nations from Africa and Asia (first of all Asia), so that is the reason for the lack of interest among the European audience. The matches can be streamed on TV in the UK, but it is expensive pay-TV solutions, making them hard to get for most people. But, the video above showing you how to stream Hotstar Canada abroad will give you the easiest, cheapest and best solution for those interesting in watching the Cricket World Cup online.

Are you ready? I am ready, I have my Hotstar subscription in order, I have my VPN up and running, and while waiting, I guess I will sit down and watch some great stuff on American Netflix using the same VPN subscription.

It might be that England are the favorites to win the Cricket World Cup, but I have a secret hope that Australia and India will play even better and give the host a great fight for the victory. Which nation do you cheer for? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Forget about cricket for some hours on May 30th and June 2nd!

It might be amazing that the Cricket World Cup will start on May 30th in 2019, and also the fact that England will play against South Africa in London. But, I will for sure stay up in the evening, not to watch the replay of the match between England and South Africa, but to watch the London derby between Chelsea and Arsenal, live from Baku in Azerbaijan, a match that is the Europe League final of 2019.

And, a couple of days later I will stay up again. Not to watch cricket in the evening, but to watch the Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpoo. These will all be amazing matches, and I will not miss out on any of the highlights (like I have done a couple of times before)!